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Aspired Screenshots


Aspired is an early-stage social entrepreneurship startup with an app in the Apple store. Aspired helps nonprofits fundraise through partnerships with local businesses and customers.

My Role




Figma, Miro

UX/UI Designer

Hien Nguyen - Aspired CEO

Frances Pimentel - UX/UI Designer

Kayvan Mesbah - UX/UI Designer

4.5 weeks

The Challenge

Aspired's main KPI in 2021 is to grow its nonprofit user base from 8 nonprofits to 80 nonprofits. All their current nonprofit users were onboarded through a very time-intensive manual process. 

The Outcome

Through close collaboration with Aspired's CEO, we designed a scalable onboarding flow that educates new nonprofit users on the product's purpose and features while reducing costs associated with manual onboarding.

Aspired Final Designs

Business Needs


Segment the user types during the initial registration process.


Collect the necessary information to verify a nonprofit's tax status.


Guide the nonprofit user to create their first fundraising campaign and share it with potential business partners and followers.


Prompt the nonprofit user to post updates through Aspired's social feed.

Existing User Research

I began my work by immersing myself in the user research for the nonprofit user group. These included the following artifacts and contained key user needs and perspectives that we addressed throughout our designs.

Nonprofit Persona

Nonprofit User Persona

Onboarding Journey

Onboarding Journey

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

User Flow

Our design team created a task flow that addressed the critical business and user needs. We explored the potential of using GuideStar's Charity Check API to automate the nonprofit verification but were limited due to budget constraints. 

Aspired User Flow


I led our design team through a brainstorming workshop where each designer sketched their ideas for our user flow. We presented then highlighted the strongest solutions. We then combined our ideas into one cohesive set of sketches that would form the basis of our wireframes.

Aspired Sketches


Our design team pulled from existing Aspired UI elements and translated our collective sketches into wireframes. 

Aspired Wireframes

User Testing

I was able to rely on strong coworker relationships that I had made during my years working in the nonprofit industry to source 6 user testers with fundraising experience. 

User Testing GIF


With research insights from user testing, we made design updates throughout our prototype to address critical issues. Below are a few examples of our iterative approach.


Removed Card UI

UX Writing Changes


I identified the need to bring Aspired's current UI elements up to WCAG accessibility standards before designing in high-fidelity. To do so, we increased touch target sizes, enlarged certain font sizes, and created accessible brand colors for interactive elements. 

Aspired Accessibility


With insights from user testing, our team worked collaboratively in Figma to design the onboarding flow in high-fidelity.

Aspired High Fidelity

Interaction Design 

When prototyping in Figma, I enjoy taking extra care to design microinteractions that integrate motion and reflect state changes. Here are a few examples from our onboarding flow.

Selected State GIF

Selected State 

Share GIF

Button & Share Interactions

Lottie Animation GIF

Success Lottie Animation

Menu Open GIF

Menu Opens

Further Iterations

We conducted another round of user tests to uncover any remaining opportunities to improve the onboarding flow before handoff to engineering. Here below are a few examples of the updates we made based on our user research findings.

High-Fidelity Iterations

Campaign Shortcut

Campaign Completion Updates

Final Designs

Here you can access the complete Aspired nonprofit onboarding flow!

Retrospective & Next Steps 


"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

This project was a great example of collaboration and the strengths that multiple minds working together can accomplish.


When working on a product already in the market, I found many complexities to navigate with every tiny design decision. As a result, we could have spent several more weeks truly diving into the nuances of this onboarding flow.


Aspired is currently updating its backend app tracking software to be able to measure engagement on the app. Once this is ready, Aspired's engineering team will implement the new nonprofit onboarding designs. 

I look forward to seeing the impact of this flow on helping Aspired to reach the KPI of growing from 8 to 80 nonprofit users.

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